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ALZwell Caregiver Support has been continuously published since 1996 as a heartfelt and practical resource for Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia caregivers. We don't pretend that caring for a person with dementia is easy. It's not. But it is doable and can be rewarding on many levels. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and wisdom to make the journey easier.

The Shift Toward a Dementia-Friendly World

leafThe Shift Toward a Dementia-Friendly World by Richard O'Boyle, Editor

Communities that follow a dementia-friendly credo embrace initiatives to assist older adults with dementia to lead autonomous lives as active, contributing members of society. Read the complete article...

Untreated Hearing Loss Among the Elderly

leafUntreated Hearing Loss Among the Elderly by Tom Regev

Hearing impairments are not life threatening, but they can dramatically reduce the life quality of those that suffer from them and they may cause depression, social isolation and even heighten chances of heart disease and various forms of dementia. Read the complete article...

How a 15-Minute Test Shows Promise for Early Alzheimer’s Detection

leafHow a 15-Minute Test Shows Promise for Early Alzheimer’s Detection by Jose Calvo

The cognitive function test is intended to provide a simple way to detect early signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, as an alternative or supplement to comprehensive cognitive testing done within a doctor’s office. Read the complete article...

Use Technology to Help Care for Loved Ones Living Alone

leafUse Technology to Help Care for Loved Ones Living Alone by Richard O'Boyle, Editor

As our parents and grandparents grow older, it can be difficult to make the right decisions regarding their care. Many of us wish to let our elderly relatives live in their own homes until it becomes hard or unsafe for them to be there. It can be stressful when you worry about your loved ones who are still capable of living alone, but show early signs of dementia. It is especially difficult when you don’t live nearby or are unable to visit daily. Read the complete article...

"Keepin' Up With ALZwell" March 2012

leaf7 Tips to Make Life a Little Easier as a Caregiver by Ethelle G. Lord

These seven tips can make the work and life of a caregiver a little easier. Keeping it simple maximizes energy and minimizes the possibility of exhaustion. Here are seven tips that are easy to adopt and implement in your daily caregiving schedule when providing care for someone with Alzheimer’s Disease or another form of dementia. Read the complete article...

Caregiver's Beacon Newsletter March 2012

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Alzheimer's Disease Caregiver Advice

leaf Reading books can only give you a piece of the knowledge you need to be an effective caregiver to a person with Alzheimer's Disease or dementia. The other essential piece is the wisdom that only comes from having "been there and done that." Walk a mile in the shoes of Edyth Ann Knox, Beverly Bigtree Murphy and Jan Allen...

PrismComplete Personal Planner and Medical Organizer

leafKeeping track of important information can be difficult. In the event of an emergency, you will want to have all of it handy. This workbook helps you to collect vital information and use it to save time when visiting with your loved one's doctors and advisors. You do NOT store information on a computer -- you keep it with you at all times so it remains secure and private. Review the Prism Planner now...

Additonally, it's important to be prepared top care for your loved one in the event of an accident or emergency situation. To learn the steps to effectively administer CPR or First Aid, go here...

History of ALZwell

ALZwell Caregiver Support first began serving as a resource for dementia caregivers in 1996. It was the labor of love of Susan Grossman who cared for her mother who had Alzheimer's. In 2000 ALZwell was integrated with ElderCare Online's caregiving library and support forums.

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